Management of construction projects “Uzbekistan Airways Technics”


Facilities Project Management

Repair and reconstruction of the PPC-1 and cat 2 in Tashkent;

Reconstruction of the AAK plant 23 under repair shop parts from composite materials in Tashkent

Renovation of concrete floors in SRK-2 at c.Tashkent

Reconstruction of sliding metal gate SRK-2 at c.Tashkent

Main tasks:

  • Control of conformityof executedconstruction works used designs, products, materials and equipment, design, requirements of building codes, standards, technical regulations and other normative documents;
  • timely actionandmonitoring the Elimination of detected defects in the design and estimate documentation review (if needed) and the avoidance of unjustified increase in the estimated cost of construction;
  • check availability of thedocuments attestingthe quality used in the construction of structures, products and materials (technical passports, certificates, results of laboratory tests, etc.);
  • monitoring ofgeodetic worksduring construction;
  • examinationand evaluationtogether with employees of construction organizations performed works and structural elements, concealed in the production of subsequent works, as well as ensuring requirements on the prohibition of the production of further work prior to execution of laws on examination of hidden works;
  • implementationas soon as they become available, with the participation of representativesof General and specialized (circuit) of the Organization, as well as project organizations, intermediate acceptance of constructions of buildings and constructions-supports and spans bridges, capacitive structures bearing metal and ferroconcrete constructions, etc.;
  • participate inauditsconducted by bodies of State control, building control, State and compliance with the draft coming on installation of equipment, to assess the quality of its installation, integrated testing and acceptance;;
  • monitoringthe volume andquality of the executed and invoiced building and construction works of the design-budget documentation;
  • inventories ofvolumes andvalue received and paid civil and erection works, as well as the amount and cost of poorly performed contractor organization of construction works and the costs of elimination of defects and rework;
  • monitoringthe availability and accuracy ofkeeping primary Executive technical documentation (Executive schemes instrumental shooting mounted constructions,parts of buildings, constructions and engineering communications, General and special interest magazines) and introduction of amendments thereto in connection with the identified shortcomings and defects in the manufacture of construction and erection works;
  • monitoring ofconstruction-Assembly organizationsguidance and supervision and regulations of State construction control and technical supervision of the customer relating to the quality of construction works and designs, products, materials and equipment, to ensure the timely elimination of defects and deficiencies identified in the acceptance of certain types of works, the structural elements of buildings, structures and objects in General;
  • participation in theworkingcommissions (acceptance commissions) checks the quality of individual designs and assemblies, types of construction and installation works, equipment and mechanisms in their acceptance;
  • participation inexamination ofobjects, buildings and structures, subject to conservation and documentation on the preservation or the suspension of construction of enterprises and buildings, as well as in the evaluation of the technical condition of objects when passing their construction and installation organizations to continue work;
  • participate inauditsconducted by the State supervision and construction supervision, departments and offices of the funding of banks, as well as departmental inspectorates and

Guiding documents:

Provision of project management

Report on the work done to the Project Manager.

Model contract for construction and installation work providing engineering services

Standard Provision on procurement of goods, works and services under the project of construction (reconstruction)

Instructions for completing Inquiries-invoice