Using water in industry and agricultural production of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the present conditions and the future until 2027



  1. Legal regulation of use of water resources
  2. The state of water resources
  3. The industrial water supply Features
  4. The types and categories of industrial water
  5. Features of water in agriculture
  6. Water-breeding complexes and farms
  7. The estimated requirement of the enterprise in the water
  8. Questions of conducting water user account
  9. Register of taxpayers’ tax for the use of water resources
  10. Formation of the limits of water consumption and water removal
  11. Formation of forecast volumes of water consumption for the needs of industry and agricultural production
  12. Water resources management
  13. Conclusions and recommendations on improving the use of water resources for production needs
  14. Basic terms and definitions in the field of water consumption and wastewater