Developing of strategy, Road map and investment program for the WSS sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan till 2020


  1. Macroeconomic Situation
  2. Water resources

State of water resources

Forecasts of water resources up to 2020

The distribution of water resources

  1. Sources of centralized water supply and alternative
  2. Service management of water supply and sanitation

Review of water and sanitation sector

Functions of the republican authorities and management

The role and tasks of public authorities in the field (local authorities)

State of property relations in the sector

Organization of financial management

The Organization of Service

State legislation in the field of water and sanitation

State of the legal framework regulating relations in the sector, conflicting norm

Recommendations for improvement of the legal basis of the sector

The feasibility of the adoption of the Law on water supply and sanitation

Improving water and sanitation rules

International experience on reforms WB

The results of the sector reform (World Bank 2006)

The example of France, England, Russia, Armenia

Control systems for rural water supply

The current state of the control individuals and communities

Proposals for management models of water supply and sanitation in rural settlements

Legal Aspects of Water User Associations

The need for a special strategy and policy for rural water supply

Special technical assistance to the rural population

Schemes Water Supply and Sewage

The infrastructure of water supply and sewerage

The general condition, the level of coverage and quality of service

Roles and tasks of water utilities, interregional water main

The organization of water and wastewater services

Status of personnel management

Using the power of water supply and sewage

Lost and unaccounted for water consumption

Installation status of individual metering of water consumption

Condition equipment organizations equipment for operation and maintenance, energy efficiency

State of sewer facilities

General description of the waste water to be treated

Wastewater industrial, urban, rural and peri-urban areas, coverage data sanitation services

Capacity utilization of treatment facilities, sludge treatment

Delivery of equipment for operation and maintenance, the problem of energy consumption

  1. The demand for water and standards

The standards of water use, irrigation, fire-fighting, hot water

Consumption is not metered

Differentiated water consumption rates established hokimiyats

Analysis of regulations

  1. Financing and the formation of tariffs

The existing mechanism of formation of tariffs in the sector, the analysis of income and expenses

Direction for tariff reform, the principles of formation of tariffs

Financial soundness of the enterprises

Regulation of tariffs, consistent approach to the formation of tariffs

  1. The development of public-private partnerships

An example of Georgia

Institutional and legal status of the PPP, the experience of PPP and the lessons learned from local experience

The forms and methods of participation of the private sector, the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, justification

Different types of structure roles and responsibilities of the parties partnerships

The distribution of risk and risk management

Common ways to attract investment, procurement methods, comparison of options with optimum cost and acceptability

The proposed structure of the PPP and phased approach: Phase I – Transition and Stage II – Flow organization possible in-line projects

  1. Environmental protection

National strategies, system protection and environmental monitoring

State environmental sustainability and improve environmental protection The current institutional framework, regulatory and legal framework

The standards for assessing the quality of surface and groundwater, wastewater treatment standards

The procedure for environmental assessment of the environment, a comparison of the rules protecting the environment, ADB and Uzbekistan

The proposed strategy for the Armed Forces in the area of environmental protection

  1. The draft investment program for the period up to 2020

Investment Planning

Development and modernization of water supply systems of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the period till 2020

Development and modernization of sewerage systems of Uzbekistan for the period till 2020

Project investment program in the sector of water supply and sanitation

Summary targeted investment program for the development of water supply and wastewater systems in the Republic of Uzbekistan for the period till 2020

Road Map Investment Projects Water Supply

Road Map Investment Projects Sewage

Roadmap implementation strategy Plumbing