Tools (mechanisms) the long-term prospects

The draft Concept for Business and Investment planning.

  1. Evaluation and synthesis of national regulatory requirements in the field of business and investment planning.
  2. Evaluation of the influence of the strategy of regionalization for business and investment planning.
Service contract (SC/PSC)

  1. Assessment of legal framework regarding IC
  2. Evaluation of the effectiveness of regionalization and adaptation of ideas (concepts) of the UK, and also, if necessary, the parties to the contract, particularly in regard to pre conditions (contract).
  3. Discussion of proposed revised (modified) conception (ideas) of the UK/ of the model agreement (model) between them (through internal negotiations) on skype, focusing on the changes to the parties to the contract.
Establishment of tariffs and the funding mechanism of the sector (supply)
1.   Review and synthesis of the regulatory framework in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

2.   Evaluation of the effectiveness of regionalization for setting tariffs and financing mechanism of the sector.

3.   A preliminary study on the establishment of tariffs for drinking water and sanitation (including assessment of regional (regional) the common tariff, with reference to the tariff for electricity, basic payments for the infrastructure.)

4.   The draft concept on tariff setting and financing sector (including the necessary training, evaluation of preparedness and procedures for the conduct in the action (implementation) fares)

5.   Preparation of the seminar on the draft Concept of the formation mechanism of tariffs and financing of the sector.

6.   The approval of the Concept of the mechanism of formation of tariffs and financing of the sector.

Promote (support) regulatory initiatives

  1. Review of the regulatory framework with emphasis on areas 1, 2, 3, 6.
  2. The draft review report of the regulatory framework, including measures to target (regulatory) regulatory reform.
  3. Improvement (optimization) government initiatives for regionalization in terms of targeted institutional settings. (Development model “TO BE”). Background the UK needs to be part of the envisaged institutional settings, and (center) the main part of the required functionality (in the framework) along with a new method of work of the water supply system.
  4. Assessment of international best practices on regionalization with a focus on centralized approach, as in Uzbekistan.
  5. Assessment of the legal situation (in relation to the regional (oblast), district and rural water utilities.