Implementation pre-investment work on the development of urban sewage Andijan, Namangan and Fergana


Conducted pre-investment studies and prepared relevant data on wastewater treatment plants for the cities. Andijan, Namangan and Fergana on:

1. Basic information:

The number of people currently connected to the sewage network, which delivers wastewater on CBS, at the present time, in the medium term (5 years) and long-term (10 years)

2. Characteristics ofsewarage network:

  • combined and separate
  • location area of the city and points of entry and exit networks;
  • type of pipes (self-flowing and pressure)
  • the volume of wastewater main customers with the corresponding data;
  • characteristics effluent (water) (oxygen content, the saturation substances, acidity, the presence of nitrogen, phosphorus, coli index)
  • type of disposal of sewage sludge (compost, burial, incineration);

3. The development of sewerage:

  • the general plan of the existing wastewater treatment plants. Also give the site plan, which may be expansion of the existing station.
  • the geological and geotechnical characteristics of the site;
  • the mechanical properties and bearing capacity of the soil ( kg/ cм²)
  • geotechnical investigations for geotechnical site characteristics (the wells)
  • development plans, the quality of roads, the distance from the main roads, etc.
  • power supply: Voltage (V) Net power (kVA), distance to the nearest point of connection to the high voltage network.
  • availability of drinking water on site: Available flow and pressure, the point of connection.