Technical supervision over construction progress


  1. The verification of the executed works and settlement between customer and contractor:

Warning and prevention of financial infringements at carrying out construction and repair works

Intermediate calculations on the basis of acts of acceptance of work performed on form 2 (acceptance certificate) and proof of value of work form 3 (the invoice)

The order of application of raising factors to estimate norms and rates of formation of the individual;

The structure of the overhead costs of the contractor, the procedure for its formation and coordination;

The procedure for the formation of wages of production personnel;

Check and performed a physical count of quantities.

  1. Questions organization of technical supervision over construction progress:

Ensuring proper quality of construction works

Enforcement of requirements of building norms and rules and state standards;

Organization and implementation of quality control:

– applied construction materials, structures and equipment;

– construction works and observance of basic technological procedures;

– inspection of certain types of works and objects in General;

– technical supervision;

– supervision of the project organization.

The main tasks of the Customer:

– increasing the role and responsibility of designers in ensuring the high technical level and quality of projects;

– the creation of a quality management and technical control;

– improvement of quality of preparation of specialists on quality management of construction products;

– strengthening the material-technical base of professionals and providing them with necessary equipment and laboratory equipment;

– timely action and control over elimination of the revealed defects and violations and to prevent unreasonable increase of the estimated cost of construction;

  1. The main tasks of technical Supervision:

-control of compliance of executed construction and erection works, applied designs, products, materials and equipment supplied, design decisions;

– the examination and evaluation of completed works and structural elements hidden in the production of subsequent works; – control of presence and correct maintenance of the primary Executive technical documentation;

– participation in the working commissions (acceptance commissions)

  1. The adaptation of the technical implementation of oversight recommendations the international organization of consulting engineers (FIDIC/FIDIC).

Enhancing the role and authority of the Engineer to apply all the conditions of contract the FIDIC/FIDIC, as a last resort on all issues relating to quality and the payment.

The questions Uniform building Regulations

– the allocation of land; -registration of allowing documents;

– development of architectural and planning task and technical conditions;

– execution of design and survey works, agreement and approval of pre-project and planning documentation

– the state examination of pre-project and planning documentation the competitive bidding in capital construction (tender)

– registration of the object under construction and obtaining permission to perform construction works

– implementation of construction (reconstruction)and acceptance of object in operation

  1. The Model of the contract for construction of facilities “turnkey” project, other requirements and contractual obligations.
  2. The implementation of state architectural and construction supervision, functions and tasks of the bodies of GASN.
  3. The application of fines imposed on legal persons for offences in the field of construction.

The rules of consideration of cases and the imposition of fines on legal persons for offences in the field of construction.