Management Competence

Experience of the Centre and the administrative resources of its key personnel are the basis for its success. The existence of such factors can quickly address issues with the relevant authorities, to obtain the necessary information without hindrance

During the 10 year period of the work center is not received not a single complaint about the quality of work performed, not to prosecute.

The successful execution of work facilitated by the presence of administrative resources in the national and local government bodies.

Automate execution of orders control system within the company, the internal regulations of the Centre, with a rigid framework for interaction with customers, material incentives system does not allow staff to be distracted from the performance of their tasks, enhance staff accountability, and to focus on timely and qualitative execution of orders.

Social protection in the Center are carried out in accordance with the labor laws and negotiated labor contracts. The established procedure is an annual contract with insurance companies from injury during working hours, and paid newsletters on temporary disability is not.

A competent technical staff in the face of MEE Center office manager, economist, financier, system administrator, accountant and other specialists allows enforcement works at the highest level.

Key Personnel

Khodjaev Bakhodir E. – Founder, Chairman of the Board of founder, engineer-economist, he graduated from the Moscow Engineering-Economic Institute (1972). He has considerable experience in matters of investment policy, economics and organization of construction, housing and communal services, development of the regions. He worked as an engineer-economist, head of departments in planning and economic bodies of the republic and the city of Tashkent, he served as deputy Hokim of Tashkent city on Economics matters, Deputy Minister of Macroeconomics and Statistics, the chairman of State Committee the Republic of Uzbekistan of Architecture and Construction. Directly supervised the implementation of investment projects by IBRD, ADB, EBRD, SECO and other donors. It also has significant leadership experience in corporate structures and in the area of ​​entrepreneurship. Author of several publications and papers in the field of housing and communal services, public-private partnerships, project management, corporate governance and accounting. Teaches the basics of economics, management and marketing at the Higher Institute of Engineering Pedagogy of the Tashkent State Technical University. It has the status of an international consultant. Knowledge of languages: Russian and English

Stashis Vladimir E. – member of the Board of founder, engineer, graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Transportation Engineers (1963), it has the experience of building unique and massive industrial and civil objects in Uzbekistan, Russia, Central Asia and Afghanistan. He worked as a master, foreman, section foreman, chief of TVET in Sredaztransstroy system, served as a control building trust “Nyaganstroy” Tyumen region, deputy chief Glavtashkentstroy, the first deputy of the corporation “Tashzhilinveststroy”, First Deputy Chairman of State Committee the Republic of Uzbekistan of Architecture and Construction. It has a solid managerial experience in corporate structures. It has scientific work and publications on project management, organization of tenders in the construction, engineering, economics and organization of construction. Knowledge of languages: Russian and English

Mustapov Abdusattor M. –member of the Board of Founder, engineer-economist, graduated in 1971 Tashkent Irrigation Institute. His professional activity began in Goskomvodstroy system, where he worked until 2000 and served as director of the department of economics and organization of construction. He headed the Research Institute of Economy, organization and construction of new technologies in State Committee the Republic of Uzbekistan of Architecture and Construction, he worked as deputy head of the Department of Construction, Housing and Transport of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Director of the Department of Transport and Transport Communications Association, Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of Project Uzkommunkhizmat agency. He has a solid experience in the construction of water facilities in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, in economics of construction, estimated pricing and construction company, has publications.

Anchor Kamilov Kamol – member of the Board of Founder, engineer-builder, graduated from the Tashkent Architectural Construction Institute (1994), specialty Water supply, sewerage and rational use of water resources, has 15 years of experience in managing the system of the state unitary enterprise of water supply and sanitation in Tashkent (SUV Suvsoz). He also has extensive experience in projects of IBRD, ADB and USAID for water supply and energy supply. He supervised the construction of railway bridges (Shimizu Corporation 2007-2009), worked as the main specialist in norms and regulations (Enter-Engineering (Singapore 2013-2014), civil engineer of JV LLC UZBEKISTAN-GTL (2014-2016). Perfect fluency in English and Russian.

Khodjaev Bobir- member of the Board of Founder, Vice President. In 2004 graduated from the Tashkent State Economic University (Uzbekistan) and holds a master’s degree in international economic relations. He speaks fluent English, Russian and Turkish.

Has a solid experience in the banking, energy, сconstruction, information technology, marketing and advertising. Tends to organize work. He organized Internet clubs and a construction company, successfully managed them, gained a solid experience in managing a construction company, organizing mortgage lending, performing engineering and construction work. Organized and successfully led the business in Almaty and Dubai.

As a founder (until 2011) and the head takes a very active part in the activities of the Center MEI. He carried out work on the management of projects for the construction of facilities, technical supervision of the customer, the implementation of procurement and preparation of offers, the development of an electronic catalog of building materials. Successfully cooperated with international organizations. He oversaw the implementation of such projects as the Strategy for Improving Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment for the Zarafshan River Basin (2012-2013, UNDP), Improving Energy Efficiency in Uzbekistan: Expected Effects and Directions for Reforms (2013-2014, UNDP and IBRD), Design And implementation of the corporate development program and targeted measures to reform the regulatory and legal framework for public water supply in Uzbekistan “(2015, SECO, Switzerland),

Currently, he is working on the creation in the United States of a subsidiary of the construction and engineering corporation of the Center MEI, where he successfully mastered the production of wall blocks, paving blocks, including luminophore, and other products.

Khodjaev Dier – member of the Board of Founder, Vice President . Engineer-economist, graduated in 2010 from the Tashkent State Economic University (Uzbekistan) master’s degree in economics and information technology. He is fluent in English and Russian.

He has a solid management experience. Since 2009, he headed the company BERNINA TIKUVMASH, the exclusive distributor in Uzbekistan of the Swiss company BERNINA INTERNATIONAL ACG. He knows well the procedures of procurement, export-import operations, logistics and customs. A skilled organizer, in 2010-2013, he led the GIZ Project on training unemployed women in sewing. He also knows the practical skills of a system administrator, marketing and advertising.

Currently he leads the work on the organization of paving blocks and wall blocks, including luminous, as well as the organization of production of phosphoric powders.

Vildanova Elina – project manager, graduated from the branch of the Russian State University under I.M.Gubkin in Tashkent (2015) with a degree in Economics and management of enterprises in the oil and gas industry, led the group to develop a forecast of municipal and industrial water supply for the period until 2027 (Uzvodproyekt, 2015-2016), participated in the preparation of the Report on the state investments management (Center for economic research, 2015). Provides production and technical supervision over the construction of objects The airlines «UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS TECHNICS»

Nazarova Shakhnoza – financial manager, graduated from the State University of Economics (2008) with a degree in accounting and auditor has extensive experience as a chief accountant. UNDP participated in the project development by improving billing utilities Tashkent (2013), participated in the development of the financial and tariff policy of institutional water supply project in Samarkand, Bukhara and Gulistan (of SECO, Switzerland, 2015)