The center has great potential for the provision of services. This is facilitated by many years of accumulated experience in conducting review and analytical work and in preparing proposals on improving institutional transformations, corporate governance, financial management and accounting, personnel management, statistical and corporate reporting, etc. The Center also has solid experience in developing long-term concepts and development schemes , integrated and targeted programs of industries and regions.

The quality of work is guaranteed by experienced and highly qualified staff and consultants of the Center.

The head of the Center, Khodjaev Bakhodir  – is an engineer-economist, graduated from the Moscow Engineering and Economics Institute (1972). He has solid experience in matters of investment policy, economics and organization of construction, housing and communal services, development of regions. He worked as an engineer-economist, head of departments in the planning and economic bodies of the republic and the city of Tashkent, held the posts of deputy hokim of Tashkent in economics, deputy minister of macroeconomics and statistics, chairman of the Goskomarkhitekstroy. Directly led the implementation of investment projects through the IBRD, ADB, EBRD and other donors. He also has significant leadership experience in corporate structures and in the field of private enterprise. The author of a number of publications and works in the field of housing and communal services, public-private partnerships, institutional reforms, project management, corporate governance, financial and personnel management, accounting and reporting. He has a teacher certificate, for a long time he taught the basics of economics, management and marketing at the Institute of Higher Engineering Pedagogy of Tashkent State Technical University. Has the status of an international consultant. Consultant of the State Investment Committee, Ministry of Construction, member of the Committee for Strategic Planning, Construction and Infrastructure of the Public Council of the Tashkent city administration.

Bobur Khojaev – Head of Glow Accent Art ink and member of the Board of Founders of the MPEI Center.

In 2004 he graduated from the Tashkent State Economic University (Uzbekistan) and has a master’s degree in international economic relations.

He has extensive experience in banking, energy, construction, information technology, marketing and advertising. He knows how to organize work. He organized Internet clubs and a construction company, successfully managed them, gained solid experience in managing a construction company, organizing mortgage lending, performing engineering and construction works. Organized and successfully ran a business in Almaty and Dubai.

As a founder (until 2011) and head, he takes a very active part in the activities of the MPEI Center. He carried out work on project management of construction of objects, technical supervision of the customer, procurement and preparation of proposals, development of an electronic catalog of building materials. He successfully cooperated with international organizations. He oversaw the implementation of projects such as the Strategy for Improving Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment for the Zarafshan River Basin (2012-2013, UNDP), Improving Energy Efficiency in Uzbekistan: Expected Effects and Directions of Reforms (2013-2014, UNDP and IBRD) , Development and implementation of a corporate development program and targeted measures to reform the regulatory framework for public water supply in Uzbekistan ”(2015, SECO, Switzerland).

Currently, he is the head of a subsidiary of the MPEI Center in the USA, the company Glow Accent Art ink, which produces wall blocks, paving stones, including luminous materials, and other products.

He speaks fluent English, Russian and Turkish.

Deputy Director, Khodzhaev Dieran information technology engineer and economist, master, graduated from Tashkent State University of Economics (2010), has managerial experience, a good organizer, a highly qualified system administrator, is well versed in the implementation of information and communication technologies, participated in preparing proposals for the creation of an automated customer database in the public utilities system of Tashkent, was responsible for organizing the survey housing and public buildings in Tashkent city, carrying out state of research for rural water supply systems, managed the project of the German GIZ and the Swiss company BerninaInternational for establishment of training centers for training unemployed women cut and sewn.

Center Manager, Stashis Vladimir civil engineer, graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Transport Engineers (1963), has experience in building unique and massive industrial and civil facilities in Uzbekistan, Russia, Central Asia and Afghanistan. He worked as a foreman, foreman, site manager, head of the Production and Technical Department in the system of Central Asian transport construction, held the position of managing director of the Nyagan Stroy construction trust of the Tyumen region, deputy head of the Tashkent General Construction Directorate, first deputy chairman of Tashzhilinveststroy corporation, first deputy chairman of the State Committee of Architecture and Construction.He has solid experience in managing positions in corporate structures. He has scientific papers and publications on project management, organization of tenders in construction, design, economics and organization of construction.

Consultant of the Center, Mustapov Abdusattor – engineer-economist, graduated from TIIiMSH in 1971. He began his career in the system of the State Committee for Water Construction, where he worked until 2000 and held the position of Director of the Department of Economics and Organization of Construction. He headed the Research Institute of Economics, Organization of Construction and New Technologies of the State Committee for Architecture and Construction, worked as Deputy Head of the Department of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities and Transport under the Cabinet of Ministers, Director of the Department of the Association of Transport and Transport Communications, Deputy Head of the Main Project Management Agency Uzkommunkhizmat.

Adylov Abdugani – engineer-economist


In 2015 he graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction with a degree in construction economics. Has practical experience since 2012. In “Trust 93” in Tashkent, he was engaged in the collection and acquisition of executive documentation, preparation of the basis for execution schemes; verification of projects submitted by designers or customers; preparation of commercial offers; work with subcontractors (issuance of project documentation, support of tenders); formation and maintenance of the archive; business correspondence. Main responsibilities: Distribution of tasks and materials for employees; planning work; control over the execution of tasks; acceptance of work performed in accordance with SNIP (measures); maintenance of executive documentation, regulatory journals; delivery of finished objects to technical supervision and to the customer; procurement of works and services; work with contractors; coordination and examination of projects in the relevant authorities, interaction with design and construction organizations, architecture authorities, technical supervision; preparation of a corporate program.

Excellent knowledge of Russian and English.

Consultant of the Center, Zhanna Fattakhova graduated from Tashkent State University of Economics (1986), master’s degree, candidate of economic sciences, master of public policy, IFC courses, has experience in planning and economic bodies, completed international courses on macroeconomic diagnostics (IMF, Vienna ), risk analysis and analysis of financial indicators in microfinance, monetary policy and analysis (USAID), promoting financial stability: the role of central banks (JVI, BIS), program evaluation methods (USAID), macroec nomic and financial policy (IMF), market economy and financial analysis (JVI), over the past 10 years, has been a key specialist of the Center for Economic Research under the State Advisor to the Presidential Administration, coordinated the activities of national experts, led the work on economic and monetary policy, institutional transformations, macro and microfinancing, financial market development, investment policy, public investment management, housing and communal services wa and others. For a long time collaborating with the Center MPEI.

Advisor to the Center, Nuruddinova Adiba graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute (1990). He is a candidate of legal sciences, a candidate of economic sciences. Membership in professional associations and publications. The total number of published works is more than 80, including articles in foreign publications, as well as about 10 monographs and educational and methodological works: “organizational and economic model of managing innovative processes in small business in Uzbekistan”, “organizational and economic aspects of the commercialization of scientific and technical development of the household budget and the formation of consumer demand; the formation of a system for monitoring social welfare of the population; report on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals Uzbekistan en 2015 (CED UNDP), and others. It was the coordinator of more than 20 polls a sample of 300 to 15 000 respondents commissioned by the Government and international organizations. For a long time cooperated with the Center for MEI.

The consultant of the Center, Islamova Shakhnoza – is a systems engineer, graduated from Tashkent State Technical University (1992). He is a graduate of international courses in market economics and financial analysis (Vienna Institute, 1995), economic analysis of ADB projects (2011), fiduciary issues and knowledge sharing (World Bank, 2013). She has experience in planning and economic bodies, led information and implementation activities, the activities of a private operator for the sale of electricity, the World Bank project management teams for the implementation of AMC and ASCAS. He is well versed in the procedures of international financial organizations.

The Center’s consultant, Khasanov Marat  is a surveyor engineer, graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute (1986), began his career as the chief surveyor DSK-1 of Glavtashkentstroy, worked in planning and economic bodies, was directly involved in the formation of land values ​​in Tashkent for purposes taxation, has great in project management of construction of trade facilities and consumer goods. Highly qualified specialist in the field of land use and the state cadastre, over the past 7 years he has held the position of chief engineer and head of the State Unitary Enterprise “Land Management and Real Estate Cadastre Service” in Tashkent, he led the work in implementing institutional reforms, improving management, financial and personnel management, knows very well systemic problems of the industry; he knows well the legislation, rules and standards of land management and the state cadastre; owns methodical thinking I eat a lot of experience and participation in the development of appropriate regulatory and guidance documents.

Fakhritdinov Badriddin – civil engineer

In 1975 he graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering. He has solid experience in design organizations, managed projects for the construction of aviation industry facilities and bakery products. Has organizational skills, in 1998 he organized a private construction company, which built more than 20 facilities in Tashkent, including colleges, offices, car dealerships, shopping centers, residential buildings, training centers and others. Formation of a catalog of design solutions.

Excellent knowledge of the Russian language

Works at the MPEI Center since April 2013.

Position: civil engineer.

Main responsibilities: analysis of the technical part of the design and estimate documentation of objects; study of working documentation and design solutions; participation in the examination of the technical part of the project; technical supervision during the reconstruction and construction of facilities; calculation of the physical volume of work; work scheduling; providing consulting services to customers, design and construction organizations.

Nishanbaev Shukhrat – civil engineer

In 1973 he graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Transport Engineers with a degree in civil engineering with a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering. Has experience on construction sites, dealt with issues of construction economics in the ministries of economy and bakeries; managed projects for the construction of facilities in the Administration of the city of Tashkent; qualitatively works on software products for the formation of the cost of building an object.

Main responsibilities: analytical work on construction economics; consideration of the estimated cost of objects; formation of the cost of objects and design solutions; participation in the examination of the economic part of the project; control over financial flows; confirmation of the scope of work performed; execution of acts of acceptance and invoices; study of the building materials market, the formation of their catalog; creation of a database of corporate norms and rates; procurement, preparation of offers.

The Center’s external accountant, Shakhnoza Nazarova  is an accountant and auditor, she graduated from Tashkent State University of Economics (bachelor’s degree in 2008, master’s degree in 2014), has worked as a chief accountant in various enterprises for more than 10 years, she has a background in accounting at a law university, she has a certificate an auditor who knows very well modern accounting methods.